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About the Portal

The courses in the Learning Portal were jointly curated by the Smart Nation & Digital Government Office and RSVP Singapore for our Smart Nation Ambassadors. The courses are meant to equip Smart Nation Ambassadors with the information and skills needed to engage the community effectively. But we welcome everyone to sign up for these courses! You can find out more about Smart Nation, and our various initiatives, and simply enjoy the learning process. Who knows? You may decide to sign up and become a Smart Nation Ambassador after this!

Whether you are already an active Smart Nation Ambassador, or are thinking of volunteering for the first time, this Learning Portal is where you can find useful courses to help you understand what Smart Nation is about, and pick up soft skills that will help you engage the community.

You do not need to be a Smart Nation Ambassador to do so. Courses are open to both Smart Nation Ambassadors and the public. You just need to register for an account and you can begin learning.

There are 3 levels of courses in the Learning Portal.

  • Level 1 Courses (E-Learning)  – Learn more about Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and the possible ways  in which you can engage the community.

  • Level 2 Courses (E-Learning) – Learn skills on how to engage effectively with the public. These courses will cover techniques and strategies to use when communicating with youths, seniors and persons with physical disabilities.

  • Level 3 Courses (Classroom) – Deep engagement with the public can sometimes get you in a pickle. But you can certainly ready yourself for potentially difficult situations. Get some hands-on practice in a classroom setting on advanced topics such as handling awkward situations and gaining confidence in delivery service excellence.
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