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Click on “Learn” to view all the courses that you can enrol in to begin your learning journey as a Smart Nation Ambassador. 

To enrol for a course, click on the “See more” button to view the course description.  If you have not been enrolled to the course, the status will show “Not enrolled”. Click on “Take this Course” button if you wish to enrol for the course. 

Click on “Start Course” to begin learning. You will receive a certificate for the course once you attain 100% completion of the course. 

You will be able to access all the courses that you have enrolled in, at the Learner’s  Dashboard of the “My Account” page. 

You can click on the “Start Course” button to start the course, or “Resume Course” button to  continue your learning from where you have previously stopped or paused. 

You can complete the courses in any order. However, we recommend starting at Level 1, to give you a background of the Smart Nation initiative and how you contribute as a Smart Nation Ambassador.  

If you are not able to hear the video, check that the audio icon is not set to mute.  If it is, turn on the audio icon and adjust the volume slider accordingly to control the volume. 

By default, all videos will be set to start playing automatically. If the video is not playing or missing, you may contact the helpdesk or report your problem to get technical support.  Click on the Connect” button to send us a message. 

Upon completion of a lesson (or unit of learning), click on the “Mark Complete” button, and you will start the next lesson automatically.  You will see the completion mark (i.e. a tick in red) appearing next to the lesson.

To resume from where you left; first, click the “Learn” button, next, click on the course then, click the “Resume Course” button. 

Alternatively, click on the user avatar icon at the top right-hand corner to go to your Account Page. To resume where you left off, click “Resume Course”. 

You can restart any course after you have completed it. On the course page, you can select “Retake” to start a completed course from the beginning.  

Thank you for your interest in these courses.  We are working on the course module and will notify you once it is available.  Meanwhile, you can sign up as a Learner and enrol for the available courses.  

 You are also encouraged to join us as a Smart Nation Ambassador and take part in volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience in engaging the community. Find out more about being a Smart Nation Ambassador here. 

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